9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM plug mono 3.5mm
for Futaba 3PK/3PKS, Sanwa M8, KO EX10, JR

9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM plug servo-3p
for Futaba 4PK/4PKS

9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM plug mini-din4
for Sanwa M11 (M11X can't work)

9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM for RC Simulator Games.
+ Interface RC PPM signal 1-4ch to USB-Joystick 2 axis, 2 button.
+ connect via DSC PORT of transmitter.
+ high resolution up to 4000 step for ch1 and ch2.
+ you can use your RC Tramsmitter as Windows Joystick-USB for play RC Simulator games.
+ support Virtual RC simulator botn VRC3 and VRC PRO.
+ support OS: Windows XP/2000 /Windows 7 ,NO external driver require.
+ support Game: All windows game that can use USB-JOYSTICK.

Recommend: TRANSMITTER SETTING before do joystick calibration
+ Switch on your transmitter only in "DISPLAY" mode, don't need to switch on "POWER" mode.
+ Transmitter set to PPM mode.
+ ST-EPA(ch1) set to maximum, ST-TRIM(ch1) set to 0.
+ TH-EPA(ch2) set to maximum, ST-TRIM(ch2) set to 0.
+ ABS OFF (you can set ABS ON after joystick calibrate finished).
+ D/R and ATL set to 100% (you can adjust to your prefer,after joystick calibrate finished).
+ see this page for TIP of setting transmitter for RC-USB connect via DSC port [Click Here].

when first plug in 9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM to your computer.
windows will automatic install internal USB driver to this device.
please wait until internal USB driver installation success, then do joystick calibration.

9TURBO RCUSB-DSC-PPM Windows7 Joystick Calibration

Click Devices and Printers button.

Devices and Printers window will appear.

Right click at 9TURBO RC-USB DSC PPM icon
then click at "Game Controller Settings".

then click "Advanced" button.

Preferred Device set to 9TURBO RC-USB DSC PPM
then click "OK" button.

return to Game Controller window, select 9TURBO RC-USB DSC PPM.
click at "Properties" button.

9TURBO RC-USB DSC PPM Properties window will appear.
click at "Settings" tab.

Click at "Calibrate" button.

Click at "Next" button.

your transmitter, leave Throttle handle to centered,
leave Steering handle to centered, then Click "Next" button.

Checked "Display raw data" for show Axis X and Y value.

move your transmitter steering to max left and max right position.
you should see X Axis value change while you move your steering.

move your transmitter throttle to max throttle and max break position.
you should see Y Axis value change while you move your throttle.
then you should control cross point go around square box about 2-3 times.

Leave throttle and steering handle to centered,
then click "Next" button.

now, your calibrate is already,
Click "Finish" button.

it will return to properties window,
click at "Apply" button. then click at "OK" button.
yes, all done.

Please read TIP for connect transmitter for RC-USB via DSC port [Click Here]


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