9TURBO RC-USB RX4 SS (June 2019)

Tested with Futaba T4PM + R334SBS mode T-FHSS-SR (Super Response)
and with setting deadzone to zero in VRC Pro. Let see it performance ...

Recommend: TRANSMITTER SETTING before do joystick calibration
+ Switch on your transmitter only in "POWER" mode.
+ Transmitter: set servo mode as you want, Normal, High response, Sanwa SR (SSR) , Futaba SR (T-FHSS SR)
+ ST-EPA(ch1) set to maximum, ST-TRIM(ch1) set to 0.
+ TH-EPA(ch2) set to maximum, ST-TRIM(ch2) set to 0.
+ FAIL-SAFE set to INH or OFF.
+ ABS OFF (you can set ABS ON after joystick calibrate finished).
+ D/R and ATL set to 100% (you can adjust to your prefer,after joystick calibrate finished).
+ if your transmitter can set forward side/ reverse side ratio, should set it to FWD50/REV50 (this is not EPA, it is throttle side ratio).

See how to setting and calibrate 9TURBO RC-USB RX4-SS

RC-USB RX4 SS must connect with receiver already, before plug it to USB port.
when first plug in 9TURBO RCUSB-RX4 to your computer.
windows will automatic install internal USB driver to this device.
please wait until internal USB driver installation success, then do joystick calibration.
Joystick calibration => [Click Here]

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Production by 9TURBO, Thailand